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Your Guide to Choosing between New Lawn Seeding & Sod Installation
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Your Guide to Choosing between New Lawn Seeding & Sod Installation

Thursday, December 16, 2021

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Your Guide to Choosing between New Lawn Seeding & Sod Installation

When choosing between new lawn seeding and sod installation, it's important to keep in mind that both approaches offer unique benefits to property owners in Macungie, PA. So, it's not a matter of one being better than the other. Instead, this choice is about evaluating your unique situation and determining which approach checks off the most boxes.

Before making your decision, you'll want to understand the pros and cons of sod installation versus planting seed. During your decision process, factors to pay attention to include how long you can wait for results, the size of your property, and the maintenance demands of seed versus sod.

When deciding between sod and seed, don't forget to factor in how fast you need results.

Seeds spread upon the soil in the backyard of a home in Allentown, PA.

While the seeding process builds stronger, deeper roots through a more lengthy development process, sod offers an instantly green lawn that you can enjoy much quicker. Here's a breakdown:

  • New Lawn Seeding - Seeding a new lawn is a lengthy process that requires time and patience. While your first seedlings usually begin to sprout within a few weeks of planting them, on average, it takes two months to see a full lawn and another ten months before the lawn matures.
  • Sod Installation - Sod is referred to as an "instant lawn" for a reason! As soon as it is installed, you will be able to enjoy the looks of a beautiful, green lawn. It will, however, take a few weeks to fully establish itself in your soil. But, if you are looking to enjoy the looks of a green lawn right away, sod might be the right choice for you.

The size of your property can also influence whether you choose sod or seed.

Property size is a significant consideration when choosing between seeding and sod installation. Here are the size factors:

  • New Lawn Seeding - The upfront costs of seeding a large lawn are low since grass seed is so cost-effective. Even when you factor labor costs into the equation, planting seeds on a large property is usually the more cost-friendly option.
  • Sod Installation - When it comes to the financial considerations of installing sod, it's better suited for small properties. That's because you incur product costs on a pallet basis. It helps to also consider delivery and installation costs as adding more sod to a project raises each of these three pricing variables.

Your tolerance for maintenance also impacts which new lawn strategy is better for you.

Sod installed for lawn in Allentown, PA.

Both options will require time and attention to care for your new lawn. However, sod requires less time and maintenance to help it establish itself. Let's take a look:

  • New Lawn Seeding - New lawn seeding requires nursing grass seeds from seed to grass blade through the entire lawn cultivation process, which takes substantial effort over a long timeframe.
  • Sod Installation - For the first several weeks after installation, sod requires ample watering and care on your part. However, once you've completed your first mow and applied your first fertilizer treatment, the maintenance demands quickly diminish with sod.

You can mow your lawn for the first time about 2 weeks after sod is installed.

Whether you choose lawn seeding or sod installation, we can help. Contact us today!

Whether you choose to establish your new lawn with seed vs. sod boils down to what matters to you most. If you're looking to establish your new lawn quickly with minimal maintenance, sod may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you have a large property or if cost plays heavily in your decision, traditional lawn seeding could be the better fit.

We've been helping property owners in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania with seeding and sod installations since 2001. So, if you're still uncertain which works better, we can help you decide. Contact us today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule your new lawn seeding or sod installation.

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