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Brown patch lawn disease infected lawn in Wescosville, PA.

Lawn Disease Control Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA, & Nearby Areas

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Comprehensive Lawn Disease Control in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA & Nearby Areas

We can treat lawn diseases like red thread, leaf spot, snow mold, and more.

It can be pretty shocking to find a lawn disease in your yard, especially when you've taken precautions to mow and water your grass as best you can. In order to fix your lawn after its health has been interrupted by disease, you can schedule our curative lawn disease control service. Our treatments are effective against red thread, leaf spot, snow mold, and other unsightly lawn diseases. We can also help you prevent your lawn from developing lawn diseases in the future with our lawn care services. Our services are available in the Macungie, PA area, including East Greenville and Fogelsville.

Our Curative Lawn Treatment Process

Is your grass a little thinner and browner than it used to be? Sometimes these sorts of symptoms can be the result of a deeper problem. Lawn diseases can wreak havoc on your turf and can cause anywhere from moderate to severe damage. We offer curative treatments to help eradicate lawn diseases. Our process utilizes a tailored and effective approach. When you sign up, our team will visit your property and analyze your grass to see what lawn disease is impacting its health. After that, we will apply specific herbicides to your grass. Our products work by fixing the problem at its source. They will kill off all the fungi under your lawn to halt the damage.

We've been offering our services to the Macungie, PA area since 2001!

We treat lawn diseases like snow mold, red thread, and more.

Red thread lawn disease found in client's lawn in Coopersburg, PA.

The tricky thing with lawn diseases is that they aren't always easy to notice. By the time you get around to figuring out what's going on in your turf, fungi are likely to already be pervasive beneath your grass. Certain fungi are responsible for snow mold, red thread, and other common lawn diseases in Pennsylvania. The great news is, our curative treatments are highly effective against these and several other lawn diseases, including:

  • Snow mold
  • Pythium blight
  • Red thread
  • Leaf spot
  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • And more.

How can you prevent lawn disease?

Aerator and weed control spreader displayed in lawn in Orefield, PA.

After our team treats your grass for lawn disease, there are several things that you can do to be proactive against future occurrences. The best and most effective thing that you can do is stay on top of your lawn with a healthy lawn care routine. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we offer the following lawn care services to help keep your lawn healthy enough to fight off future lawn diseases:

  • Fertilization - This service will help replenish your lawn with the nutrients that it needs to thrive so it can be strong enough to fight off lawn disease.
  • Weed Control - This service will eliminate weeds from your lawn. This is important because weeds can steal nutrients from your grass, weakening it, and making your lawn more susceptible to disease.
  • Aeration - This service is designed to reduce soil compaction in your lawn to make it easier for nutrients, light, and water to reach the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding - Our overseeding service is the perfect way to add new grass to your lawn. The seeds will eventually grow and fill in any bare or patchy areas of your lawn so you'll end up with thick, lush grass.

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At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we offer our lawn disease control service to eliminate common lawn diseases from your property. We offer this service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, and nearby areas in Pennsylvania. Call us today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule our lawn disease control service or any of our other lawn care services!

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