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Leaf Removal Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA, & Nearby Areas

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Leaf Removal in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA & Nearby Cities

Our leaf removal service will help your lawn stay healthy through the fall and winter seasons.

A buildup of leaves on your lawn can make your property look neglected and speaks to your level of care for your yard. Leaf removal not only keeps your lawn looking clean and manicured, but is also integral to keeping your lawn healthy. Properties in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania can expect a thick blanket of leaves to fall on their lawn throughout the fall and winter seasons.

We recommend repeated visits during our leaf removal service to address both the early-and late-season fallen leaves and give your lawn the best access to the sunlight and nutrients that it needs to survive. Our team uses various tools to remove leaves from your property. Once our leaf removal service is complete, your property will be leaf-free. Give us a call today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule our leaf removal service.

Our leaf removal service keeps your lawn free of leaves throughout the fall season.

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Our leaf removal service typically starts in October and runs through January. We recommend scheduling this service at least twice during this time to keep leaves from blanketing your lawn, which prevents it from receiving air, nutrients, and that all-important sunlight.

Trees such as birch, maple, and walnut drop their leaves earlier in the fall than oak and beech trees, which typically drop their leaves in December or January. By removing these early-falling leaves, our leaf removal service keeps them from blocking your lawn of these vital nutrients while waiting for the rest of the late-season leaves to fall. When you schedule a second visit, our team will completely remove any additional leaves from your property.

Our leaf removal process clears your property of leaves.

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Our team will arrive on time with the necessary tools to completely remove all fallen leaves from your property. Our equipment allows us to efficiently blow all of the leaves to the curb, where they can be sucked up by our vacuum trucks and hauled away. Our staff will walk your property, being certain to hit every spot so there are no leaves left on your property when we are finished. When we are finished, you will have a clean yard clear of any fallen leaves.

If you let leaf piles sit on your property for too long, your lawn could develop lawn diseases such as snow mold.

Our leaf vacuum truck will remove leaves completely from your property.

While some companies just blow your leaves to the curb and leave you to deal with their disposal, we don't! Our leaf removal service saves you time and effort by removing leaves completely from your property. We use our vacuum truck to collect the leaves and haul them away. This way, you will not have to deal with leaves at all, which is how we think leaf removal should be!

Give us a call today to schedule our leaf removal service.

We offer our leaf removal services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, and throughout the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania. We have been serving these areas of Pennsylvania for 21 years. Give us a call today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule your spot on our leaf removal calendar for this upcoming fall season! We look forward to working with you to help you achieve the leaf-free property that you deserve!

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