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Trexlertown, PA Lawn & Landscape Services

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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services in Trexlertown, PA

We are a family-owned and -operated company that has been providing expert lawn and landscaping services since 2001!

Don't let its humble population of under 2,000 residents fool you – Trexlertown, PA is home to a vibrant community with lots of rich experiences to be unearthed within its city walls. All within a hop, skip, and a jump of Trexlertown, you can spend time enjoying Lockridge Furnace Museum, visit the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, or paint pottery at local studios. However you spend your time in Trexlertown, one thing is for sure – you won't regret it!

We offer expert lawn and landscaping services to property owners in Trexlertown and nearby cities in Pennsylvania. We offer weed control, landscape bed maintenance, snow removal, and much more! Call our office at (484) 547-8246 today to get a quote on your next service.

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services for Your Lawn & Landscape

Lawn with mowing patterns in Trexlertown, PA.

We offer a host of care and maintenance services so that you can be confident your lawn and landscape will look great and have all the resources they need to thrive!

  • Lawn Fertilization: We utilize organic-based fertilizer to nurture your grass with all the nutrients it needs to thrive.
  • Aeration: Our team can perform both liquid and core aeration services to battle soil compaction.
  • Overseeding: We'll fill out your lawn with fresh grass seed and ensure a seamless match with the existing grass.
  • New lawn seeding: Our professionals will prepare the soil, lay seed, and apply a starter fertilizer for optimal results.
  • Sod installation: For an instantly beautiful lawn, our sod installations are the answer.
  • Lawn restoration: Our three-step lawn restoration service will involve adding fresh topsoil, overseeding, and then laying straw over top of the seed to protect the new seedlings.
  • Lawn mowing: We offer lawn mowing from mid-April through late November and also include trimming, edging, and blowing.
  • Landscape bed maintenance: We'll make your landscape beds neat and orderly, focusing on controlling weeds and pruning any ornamental plants that need it.
  • Mulch and rock installation: Our team can refresh your landscape beds with mulch or rock for improved aesthetics and health benefits for the plants.

Our spring and fall cleanups include services like trimming, pruning, leaf removal, weed pulling, and much more!

We offer protective treatments to combat insects, diseases, and weeds.

Sod web worm on grass blade in lawn in Trexlertown, PA.

Our team can help protect your lawn from insects, diseases, and weeds, as well as lay down barriers against sod webworms, fleas, and ticks.

  • Weed control: We'll combat nutrient-thieving weeds like carpetweed, cheatgrass, dandelion, foxtail, and more.
  • Sod webworms: Our pesticide application will keep sod webworms from destroying your lawn!
  • Flea and tick control: Fleas and ticks will be a problem of the past with our thorough flea and tick control service.
  • Lawn insect control: We'll eliminate lawn insects like grubs, chinch bugs, crane flies, and more.
  • Lawn disease control: Our highly effective treatments will stamp down diseases like snow mold, red thread, and more.

Our team can perform snow removal and install drainage solutions.

Cross these services off your to-do list – we can handle drainage, grading, and snow removal for you!

  • Drainage and grading: We can install drainage solutions like dry creek beds or French drains to resolve standing water, and can also grade the land if needed.
  • Snow removal: We offer custom programs to suit your preferred snow tolerance from zero up to four inches so your property is kept accessible all winter long.

Call our team today to schedule any of our professional lawn and landscaping services!

At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we make every decision with five core values in mind: dedication, integrity, service, growth, and loyalty. It's because of these guiding principles that you can rely on us to show up every day, on time, and knock it out of the park – whether it's fertilization, a flea and tick treatment, snow removal, or one of our many other services. We offer our lawn and landscaping services to property owners in and around Trexlertown, PA. Get in touch with our office today by calling (484) 547-8246 to schedule your next service!

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