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Lawn Care & Maintenance Services in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA & Nearby Areas

Our lawn care and maintenance services include fertilization, core aeration, weed control, grub control, and much more.

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort to get it looking just right. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we want to take all of that work off of your plate and put it on ours instead. We offer high-quality lawn care and maintenance services that will ensure your lawn is healthy and looks fantastic. We offer our services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, and nearby areas of Pennsylvania. Our lawn care and maintenance services include fertilization, weed control, core aeration, grub control, leaf removal, and much more.


Lawn care worker applying granular fertilizer to a lawn near Emmaus, PA

Your lawn needs to receive essential nutrients throughout the year to ensure that it remains healthy and grows strong. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we offer three fertilization packages that are designed to provide your lawn with all of the nutrients that it needs. We use a granular, organic-based fertilizer that will slowly release nutrients into your soil, so your lawn will have all of the nutrients it needs to flourish.

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Liquid Aeration

Lawn care professional using liquid to aerate an unhealthy lawn near Trexlertown, PA.

The soil on your lawn can become compacted during the winter due to the weight of the snow that falls on your lawn. That's where liquid aeration comes in. This service that we offer in the spring involves us administering a liquid treatment on your lawn to loosen your soil, making it easier for nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

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Core Aeration

Employee core aerating a lawn in Orefield, PA.

Our core aeration service is also designed to loosen compacted soil to make it easier for your soil to receive nutrients. What makes this service different from liquid aeration is that we will use our aerator machine to remove small cores of soil from your lawn. The holes that will be created during core aeration make it easy for nutrients, water, and sunlight to reach the roots of the grass, so your grass can grow nice and strong.

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Weed Control

Liquid weed control being sprayed onto a lawn near East Greenville, PA.

Weeds are a problem for a couple of reasons. The first is that they make your lawn look messy and unkempt. The other reason is that they force your grass to compete for essential resources like nutrients, sunlight, and water. When you enroll in our weed control program, we will administer liquid weed control on your lawn periodically from early spring through early winter. This will not only kill existing weeds but also prevent new ones from growing.

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Grub Control

Grubs in soil near Macungie, PA.

Grubs can be a lawn's worst nightmare as they love to feed on the roots of your grass which, in turn, will kill it. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we offer both preventative and curative grub control services. Our preventative service will eliminate grub eggs before they hatch and our curative grub control service will kill any existing grubs.

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Lawn care professional spreading grass seeds on a lawn near Wescosville, PA.

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seeds across your lawn to thicken it and fill in any bare or patchy spots. We use either a fescue blend or a Kentucky bluegrass blend, and our experts will help you determine which type will be right for your lawn.

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Lawn Mowing

Up close of a lawn and a riding lawn mower near Orefield, PA.

We will mow your lawn once per week during the growing season to keep your lawn looking nice and neat. Our lawn mowing service also includes string trimming, edging, and blowing debris off your driveway, parking lots, walkways, etc.

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Lawn Disease Control

Brown patchy lawn impacted by a lawn disease near Wescosville, PA.

Our lawn disease control service will help to prevent common lawn diseases such as snow mold, red thread, leaf spot, brown patch, dollar spot, and pythium blight.

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Lawn Insect Control

Japanese beetle on a leaf near Breinigsville, PA.

While beautiful, the Macungie, PA area is also home to a variety of pesky insects. Our lawn insect control program will help to keep common lawn insects away from your property.

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Some lawn insects that we can tackle include fleas, ticks, sod webworms, crane flies, chinch bugs, white grubs, Japanese beetles, and more.

Sod Installation

Lawn care professional installing sod grass near Coopersburg, PA.

If you're looking for a way to quickly get a new lawn, our sod installation service is the way to go. We will roll pre-grown grass onto your property, so you can have a new lawn almost instantly.

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New Lawn Seeding

Newly seeded lawn near Emmaus, PA.

If you want to grow a new lawn from scratch, our new lawn seeding service is the right option for you. We will prep your soil, plant grass seeds across your property, and add a starter fertilizer so your new lawn can grow to be healthy and luscious.

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Lawn Restoration

Top soiled lawn in Coopersburg, PA.

Our lawn restoration service is designed to encourage growth for new and existing grass in your lawn. This is a 3-step process that consists of adding a layer of fresh topsoil to your lawn, overseeding it, and then covering the new seeds with straw to protect them.

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If you want to make sure that your lawn flourishes throughout the year, then it's time to sign up for our lawn care and maintenance services. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we are proud to offer our services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA and nearby areas. Give us a call today at (484) 547-8246 to sign up for our services.

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