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Don't Ruin Your Lawn With A "Wait and See" Approach to Grub Control

Dealing with pests such as grubs should be done as early as possible to prevent damage. Grubs are the larval form of scarab beetles, and they can pester most properties in Pennsylvania. They feed on the roots of your grass, resulting in a spongy lawn because your grass is no longer firmly attached to the soil. The most efficient way to deal with grubs is getting preventative grub control treatments that target the pests during their early life stages.

There's no undoing the damage from grubs, but you can apply curative grub control treatments to get rid of them. However, your lawn will be left with patches of dead turf and unanchored grass, making services like overseeding or new sod installation necessary. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of preventative grub control.

What can grubs do to your lawn?

Most properties in Pennsylvania can fall victim to the damage brought by grubs. Grubs are beetle larvae, and they can be identified by their soft white body and brown head. The most prominent grubs in the state are the larval form of Japanese and northern masked chafer beetles. These six-legged pests feed on the roots of your lawn, leaving your grass unanchored to the soil. Once they destroy your grassroots, the area will start to feel spongy and soft.

One common sign that there are grubs on your lawn is patches of dead or dying turf. You can check for grubs by pulling up a small portion of your lawn. If your lawn can easily be pulled up and rolled like a carpet, it means grubs have wrecked the roots, and your grass is no longer securely attached to the soil.

Animals like raccoons and skunks like to eat grubs, so mounds of soil from their digging may signal a grub problem in your yard.

Protect your lawn with preventative grub control.

When it comes to controlling grubs on your property, the ideal and most efficient approach to protect your lawn is to prevent eggs from hatching into larvae in the first place. Preventative grub control is your best option because it targets eggs and newly hatched grubs. The insecticides we use contain chemicals like imidacloprid and chlorantraniliprole that provide residual effects while remaining safe for the environment and non-target plants.

The best time to apply preventative grub control treatment is in June before eggs have hatched. If you apply the treatment too early, like at the start of spring, the soil can absorb the product and become less effective by the time grubs hatch in late July. However, preventative products are futile for large grubs in late summer and early fall. By this time, grubs may have already damaged your lawn, and you might be needing curative grub control.

A Wait & See Approach to Grubs Can Ruin Your Lawn

Lawn damage from grub infestation near Macungie, PA.

If you decide to wait and see whether or not there are grubs on your lawn, you may not realize their presence until it is too late. Waiting for grub damage to appear can result in patches of dying turf and ruin your lawn. The best thing you can do at that point is to get curative grub control that will get rid of the grubs. However, curative grub treatments will not in any way reverse the damage from grubs. Fixing grub damage may require the following services:

  • Seeding/Sod Installation: Because grubs destroy your grass, you will have to reseed your lawn or install new sod to restore health and fullness.
  • Topdressing: If you decide to get seeding services to regrow your lawn, topdressing will protect the seeds and give them the best chance to germinate.

These services can cost you more money and stress in the long run. This is why we recommend that property owners in Pennsylvania get preventative grub control.

Call us to schedule our grub control services!

Grubs will damage all kinds of grass on all types of properties. Getting preventative grub control acts like insurance for your healthy lawn, so you can avoid the extra cost and stress of having to fix grub damage. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we apply our preventative grub control treatment in June to protect your lawn and ward off grubs.

We also have curative grub control and seeding services to repair potential damage. Our services are available to properties in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA and surrounding communities. Call us today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule our grub control services!

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