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Best Grass By Far - Tall Fescue & Kentucky Blue Grass Mix
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Best Grass By Far - Tall Fescue & Kentucky Blue Grass Mix

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

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Best Grass By Far - Tall Fescue & Kentucky Blue Grass Mix

Most property owners have dreamt of a lush lawn no matter the season, but to accomplish that, you'll need grass that can thrive in both hot and cold temperatures. You can find this trait and more in tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. These cool-season grasses are ideal for your property in Pennsylvania because they can endure cold and hot environments. Not to mention their vibrant and lush appearance to amp up your curb appeal.

However, they still have distinct differences. Tall fescue boasts deep roots and requires minimal maintenance to thrive. On the other hand, Kentucky bluegrass features vigorous roots capable of self-repair! Keep reading to learn more about why these cool-season grasses should be your top choice for your lawn.

Tall Fescue Grass Is Excellent At Adapting to Varying Climates

Tall fescue grown in lawn in East Greenville, PA.

According to the Iowa State University, tall fescue grass trumps other cool-season lawns when it comes to tolerance to heat, drought, and heavy traffic. Because of this, you can easily achieve your dream of having a thick and healthy lawn throughout the year.

But what makes tall fescue resilient to different temperatures? This perennial grass grows in clumps with an extensive root system that can reach up to three feet deep, helping it power through warm and cool weather. What's more, tall fescue is a low-maintenance option that will give you an attractive lawn with its broad dark green leaves.

Kentucky bluegrass boasts a gorgeous color and excellent disease resistance.

Kentucky bluegrass growing in lawn in Emmaus, PA.

Kentucky bluegrass is a perennial cool-season grass famous for tolerating winter conditions. One of the striking features of this grass type is its deep color of emerald to blue-green that will amp up your curb appeal. It has parallel leaf blades that make the grass look stiff and lush.

Kentucky bluegrass has a shallow root system involving rhizomes capable of self-repair when part of it is damaged or injured. This root system makes your lawn disease-resistant. While Kentucky bluegrass may require more maintenance, you can rest assured it will reward you with a lush, vibrant, and thriving turf that stands out in your community. Some of the maintenance tasks this grass needs include adequate irrigation during hot conditions to prevent the grass from becoming dormant.

Which should you choose: tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass?

If you want to achieve an outstanding lawn, tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass will not disappoint. There's no doubt about that. But choosing between the two is tricky. If you're overseeding, it's best to use the grass type that complements your existing lawn to create a uniform look. If you're establishing a new lawn, you can choose either! In the end, it will all depend on your preference. Let's take a quick recap of the two grass types:

  • Tall fescue tolerates heat, drought, and traffic while remaining low-maintenance. It also boasts deep and strong roots that retain water very well.
  • Kentucky bluegrass features a gorgeous green color to make your property stand out. While its roots are shallower than tall fescue, it can self-repair, making it more resistant to diseases.

Aerate and overseed your lawn every fall to keep your tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass turf dense and healthy.

We can overseed your lawn with either tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass. Call us today to schedule!

Our team at Lehigh Valley Lawn offers reliable overseeding services to revitalize the appearance of your lawn. Depending on your existing turf's grass type, we will use tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass to get the best results. We offer our overseeding service to property owners in Macungie, East Greenville, Fogelsville, PA and nearby areas. Give us a call today at (484) 547-8246 to schedule.

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