Spring Cleanup: Landscape Fundamentals

Spring is a great time to get out and start a new landscaping project. After a bleak, blustery, and cold winter, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm and sunny day in the yard or garden, working with your hands. As your part of the world wakes up and renews itself, it’s almost impossible to not feel the rejuvenation in your soul and be energized for an ambitious endeavor outdoors.

To make the most of your spring landscaping and gardening projects, we are going to highlight and expatiate on spring landscape fundamentals for your home.

It’s true that your home is your castle. Even if your castle looks like the gardener’s shed, it is still probably the most valuable asset you have. One of the greatest investments a homeowner can make in their yard is to embark upon a landscape design, hardscape or planting project. Many people seek out the expertise of a professional to create a beautiful landscape and then to develop a landscape maintenance package that fits their budget and that’s probably an awesome idea.

Other than the money value of owning a home with an incredible landscape, there is also a value in personal pride and an outward articulation of inventiveness in a home landscape that can’t be measured. It creates an impression in your neighborhood that you care about where you live.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a character that is formal, your landscape can have fences, topiary plants, and brilliant sheet material annuals. If your style is more carefree and loose, some cottage garden wildflowers and evergreen trees will show others what you’re like. At Lehigh Valley Lawn we work on making sure to create a landscape style that is unique to you at your comfort and convenience.

Equally important, at Lehigh Valley Lawn, we offer a landscape design service so you can see the end result of the project beforehand. This process involves listening, suggesting ideas, and putting together a plan that is affordable and can be implemented in stages if necessary.  

You might opt to hire Lehigh Valley Lawn to perform ongoing landscape maintenance services. Although some homeowners like to cut their own lawns and enjoy doing certain projects themselves. Sometimes people just need a little help during spring cleaning up their yards. Again, this is a unique and effective way to beautify your yard with our professional cleaning services.

If you haven’t kept up with your yard maintenance, consider hiring the services of Lehigh Valley Lawn professional to come in ahead of time and make everything clean and green.