A Customized Snow Removal Service for Your Commercial Property

What makes Lehigh Valley Lawn different?

Safety & Liability

Our Snow Removal program is focused on safety. To protect our clients, we always carry the proper insurance for each service/site to make sure that we protect them from any liability risks.

Consistency & Reliability

Many commercial lots have a zero-tolerance policy for snow, meaning that if there are any accumulations that stick, we make sure that it gets cleared. We can stay on site through the storms to ensure that constant care is given to each property’s needs.

Quality & Care

Each Property is unique. While the principles and industry standard Best Management Practices stay the same, the individual site requirements are always a little different. Our custom snow management plan ensures that each property is held to the highest standards.

How it works:

Hourly or “Per Push”:

We will come out whenever there is at least 2-3 inches of snow and charge you based on the length of time it takes to clear the lot. You will only be charged if and when we come out.

Seasonal Contract:

Take the headache out of planning for the season with this plan. When you sign up for a seasonal contract, we will guaranteed clear your property, no matter how many snow storms we get in the season.

Flex Plan

Reserve your place on our schedule with a small retainer fee. We will then charge you a reduced hourly rate only when we come to clear the snow.

Proud Members of SIMA

The Lehigh Valley Lawn Way

At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we make sure your commercial property is well cared for whether it snows an inch or over a foot. We compile contingency plans for you and your business within your Custom Snow Management Plan. No matter how surprising the weather is, we want you to know that we have your back with our backup plans!