Snow Removal

Our Snow Removal program is focused on safety. We will establish a custom site plan to each properties’ requirements, creating a clear game plan for a snow event. This program is designed to achieve the highest level of quality, ensuring your property is cleared and restored as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know how important it is to minimize liability for commercial sites, especially in high traffic areas. We will adjust each of the components of the package to ensure that it is the right fit for you.

For residential accounts, we will automatically come out to your property once the storm accumulations reach 2-3 inches. If for some reason you do require more specific care, you can contact us and let us know what you need and well will try to accommodate your request to the best of our ability.

We can plow up to about 6″ at one shot. If the storm accumulations exceed that, we may have to come out a second time. If we have to come out twice, we must charge accordingly. Salting is a separate charge.

For Commercial accounts, we will first establish a site assessment with our clients to identify all areas of responsibly as well as all specific operations instructions. We will automatically come out and plow and/or salt as soon as any accumulations occur that might become a safety hazard as determined by the Action Threshold. If Icy conditions occur, we will put salt down to control the road conditions. Our Account Managers will monitor each site 24/7 to make sure that each account is being handled properly.

Many commercial lots have a zero-tolerance policy for snow, meaning that if there are any accumulations that stick, we make sure that it gets cleared. We can stay on site through the storms to ensure that constant care is given to each property’s needs.

For most small storms (less than 1″), we can control the road conditions using only de-icing materials.

After each Snow event, our Account Managers will perform site inspections to ensure each property has been properly handled.