Lawn Maintenance

Our Lawn Maintenance program is custom-tailored to each property’s requirements, focusing on providing all aspects of turf care designed to achieve the highest level of lawn care possible. We will adjust each of the components of the package to ensure that it is the right fit for you. 

When our crews mow your property, we will also string trim around all the borders/obstacles as well as edging along the walkways and landscape beds as necessary. When the mowing is done, we take blowers around the landscape beds and all hard surfaces to make sure they are clear of grass clippings. Mowing is set up on a weekly schedule. If the grass grows less than 1” in a week, our crews will automatically skip the lawn to avoid draught damage. If there are special areas that would need to have the grass clippings collected, make sure those areas are discussed ahead of time. In the case of excessive growth in the early spring, we may need to bag the lawn to collect the clippings. Our crews are trained to provide the highest quality cut because we know the value of a well-maintained lawn. 

We make sure our lawn care teams have the best equipment for each type of property. We run large commercial mowers, compact zero turns, small walk-behind mowers and push mowers depending on the site requirements and environmental conditions. 

Keeping a healthy lawn is not always a simple task. Our team has years of turf care training to ensure that we can provide out clients with the necessary skills and resources to keep your lawn healthy. We will asses your turf and put together a multi-step fertilization and weed control program that will best suit your needs. Our natural based fertilizers focus on providing nutrients to the soil instead of pouring liquid fertilizer needlessly onto the grass. 

Aeration is one of the most effective and practical cultural services available for your beautiful lawn. Aeration helps improve soil structure, decreases thatch, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens “plugs” in the soil surface for fertilizer and water to spread to the root zone of your lawn. This process dramatically increases the effectiveness of the seasonal fertilization applications as well as giving new grass seed an ideal growing medium. 

As the leaves start to fall and collect on the lawn, it is important for the health of the turf to make sure the lawn is kept free of debris that could collect and cause rot. We offer a leaf removal service for the lawn that is performed in conjunction with the weekly lawn mowing. This is performed by using leaf blowers, leaf vacs and commercial baggers to collect the leaves and move them off the lawn. 

"You guys are doing a good job! Keep up the good work."