Landscape Maintenance

Our Landscape Maintenance program is custom-tailored to each property’s requirements, focusing on providing all aspects of landscape and property care. This program designed to achieve the highest level of Landscape Maintenance, ensuring your property is an asset rather than an eyesore. We will adjust each of the components of the package to ensure that it is the right fit for you. 

Spring is a fresh start to every landscape. This is a critical time to prepare the beds and ornamentals for the growing season. For a Spring Cleanup, we will go through the beds to clean out and remove the plant debris that has accumulated. This also includes some perennial care and weeding as necessary. The bushes and small trees in the landscape will be trimmed and pruned as needed based on proper pruning standards for each type. The edging will be done all around the beds and trees rings to im-prove the aesthetics of the landscape beds as well has keeping the mulch and lawn clearly separated. Once the beds have been properly prepared, we lay down a weed pre-emergent that greatly reduces the number of weeds that will spring up through the season. Mulch will be applied at a depth of approximately two inches over all the beds. We take great pride in our Spring cleanups. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the total transformation that our cleanup will give to your property. 

This service is focused on maintaining a neat and orderly appearance in the landscape throughout the season by focusing on weed control and occasional light pruning of sports and water sprouts on the ornamental plants. We can even spray the weeds with a non-selective herbicide (Glyphosate) throughout all the mulched beds and the curbs around the property if the client selects our liquid weed control service. Any dead weeds will be pulled out of the beds as well as any sticks or fallen debris. These activities are often performed at the time of mowing. This service is typically billed monthly, throughout the growing season. 

As part of our Landscape Maintenance program, we offer a comprehensive ornamental shrub maintenance service. The purpose of this service is to maintain healthy ornamental landscape plants at an aesthetically pleasing size and shape. After the initial spring flush of growth, the landscape can take on a haggard or unkempt appearance as the shrubs grow out. Our trained Horticulture specialist will assess all the plants in the landscape and prune/trim as need to keep the bushes groomed and healthy. 

In the fall and early winter, it is important to clean up the landscape one last time before winter sets in. We will go through the beds and clean out and remove the leaves and plant debris that has accumulated. This also includes some perennial care and weeding as necessary. Some ornamental shrubs and small trees should be trimmed at this point as well. Our trained horticulturist will assess your landscape and preform the necessary tasks to ensure that the landscape beds are cleaned and trimmed as our final Bed Maintenance Service for the season.