Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape design and installation is a broad term used to refer to multiple types of landscape construction and design services. At Lehigh Valley Lawn, we make it our business to be highly trained in each of the primary categories in order to provide our clients with the best experience.

Your property should an investment in the truest form. Investing in your property can and should yield returns financially and emotionally. When you take the step to invest in the landscape and outdoor living spaces around your property, you will receive and immediate boost in perceived value to your property. The term “curb appeal” gets thrown around quickly when anyone is looking at properties. While the saying often flippantly refers to the snap judgments people make after the first few glances at a house, the undeniable fact is that all people make quick judgments and assessments based off the perceived value. Your landscape is a key indicator of how much you “care” about your property. This fact alone is the reason why so many commercial businesses invest a lot of time and effort designing an experience and emotional reaction around the exterior of their sites. The exterior of a property sets the tone for the experience, so it is important that you are sending the right message.

Our Landscape Designers work with our clients to build their dream design. Properties vary dramatically in their design requirements; some can be simple, casual, artistic, comforting, formal and elaborate. Each design has a place and each client has a style. Our passion is to get that style onto a design and into your reality.  

Hardscape Installation:

No outdoor living space is complete without some form of hardscape. Walkways, patios, retaining walls, decorative walls and more, the options are almost endless. When speaking of hardscaping, most people are referring to Interlocking Concrete Pavers or Segmental retaining wall blocks. These are manufactured, concrete based, pieces that vary dramatically in size, shape, design and color. The huge selection provides an unlimited amount of design variations to fit each design. These systems are very durable, low maintenance and incredibly beautiful when installed correctly.

Landscape Design:

Whether it is an old landscape that needs to be rehabbed or a brand-new lot, a good design is critical to any good project. Our trained landscape designers have a college degree in Horticulture and Landscape design as well as years of experience honing their skills in the field. We used professional grade software to make 2D and 3D renderings so the new design can be seen before and shovel touches the ground.

Landscape Installation:

In the most literally sense, this is where we get our hands dirty. Building landscapes, installing trees, shrubs and flowers is what we live for. We thoroughly enjoy the complete transformation that can come almost overnight to a property when we get to make our designs a reality.