About Us

Lehigh Valley Lawn is a family owned company built on family values. These family values have formed all the major decisions that have brought Lehigh Valley Lawn to where it is today. Building the family business on a solid foundation was more important than generating a fast income. It was the founder’s strong belief that once the foundation of solid, reliable service was established, the business would begin to grow itself based on customer referrals and recommendations.

In 2001, Ron Roy, founder and owner, wanted to create a business that drew on his skill set as well as would provide a place for his two sons to work as well. He began a full-service property maintenance business that did everything from outdoor lawn maintenance to indoor remodeling.

As the business continued to grow, Ron’s sons, Matt and Ben, were trained in the lawn care division of the company. As a homeschooled family, the boys were able to complete their book work in the first half of the day and spend the second half working with their dad. With this additional “horsepower”, as Ron liked to call it, the business continued to grow. It became two divisions, one in residential construction handled by Ron, and the other in landscaping and property maintenance, run by the Matt and Ben.

After their high school years were completed, both boys attended Williamson College of the Trades. In their successive years at the school, both Matt and Ben excelled among their peers. Both held office in student government, both won several awards, and, upon graduation, both won the highest award given to a student at the college in their respective years. Matt graduated in 2015 with a degree in Horticulture, Landscape Design and Turf Management. Ben graduated in 2018 with the same degree. 

Once their degrees were in hand, Matt, and then Ben, returned to the business bringing with them the trade knowledge learned at school and applied it to Lehigh Valley Lawns. Matt and Ben have worked hard to develop a unique process called, “The Lehigh Valley Way.” This means a devotion to excellent and reliable service as well as an adherence to a strong moral code leads them through each job. Each year the company continues to grow in their market because their clients recognize the value and professionalism that Lehigh Valley Lawn provides.

Lehigh Valley Lawn is a unique company because it is truly an extension of what the Roy family is and what we believe service and value mean. Now that the business has grown, not everyone wearing a Lehigh Valley Lawn logo is a Roy, but the family culture is the foundation for the team, and it is one of the things that makes it a great place to work.

When team members are passionate about their job, it shows in their performance. Lehigh Valley Lawn strives to teach all team members two very important principles that Matt and Ben were taught: 

  1. Customer service is the most important service we offer. 
  2. A firm handshake and an honest work ethic will separate this company from the others. 

When these character skills are combined with the technical training and management practices taught, the result is something truly unique.

Whether it is lawn care, landscaping, new installs or snow removal, our certified horticulturists and turf specialists will ensure that your property is handled in the best way. From the beginning, you will see how we are different than other contractors. We will meet with all potential clients and establish a package that covers all your needs. Then we can combine that with our thorough site inspection results to ensure that each property is handled in a way that combines aesthetic beauty with healthy best management practices. Once a detailed site maintenance plan is established, each client is given an Account Manager who they can contact at any time with any questions, concerns or requests.

We know that poor communication is this industry’s biggest weakness, so we guarantee that we will blow the competition away with our attention to Customer Service. Throughout all phases of the season, we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we can provide the highest quality services. From beginning to end, you will see how the Lehigh Valley Lawn way is different. Lehigh Valley Lawn has been built by dedication to excellence and great client relationships. We promise to extend that same level of commitment to you.


Why Choose Lehigh Valley Lawn

We are a Family owned business with Family Values

We Value Client Relationships

We are Passionate about our Services

We are Committed to Excellence

The Lehigh Valley Lawn Way